Movie Heirloom

We’re committed in creating a very special gift idea for you, a loved one, your parents or grandparents.  It could be for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or just as a cherished
heirloom.  Imagine creating a movie on how your parents met?  Having them tell their story as they remember it, on camera, would be the ultimate gift.

A MOVIE HEIRLOOM FILM is also recommended for family estate planning, creating
dialogue between siblings and older parents, to avoid emotional and sometimes
financial burdens later.

We offer several packages that include:

  • Personal stories
  • Photographs and other belongings
  • Family history
  • Children and grandchildren interviews
  • And more

Your story, as a personalized gift, for future generations to come.

Josie & Vinny BIO FILMS from Anton Evangelista on Vimeo.