A Movie With Me As The Star

Setting up a shot for the next scene
Setting up a shot for the next scene

Here’s a gift idea they’ll never forget!  How many times have you said or heard one of your friends say, “my story would make a great movie!”.  So many people love saying that, but how many
actually made one?  Imagine YOU the star of your own movie?
A movie about a special time or event in your life that you would like to immortalize forever?

BIO FILMS will personalize and adapt your story as a dramatic short film, where YOU are the star.  Or, if you prefer, an actor can play you to tell your story that helped shape your life, for
generations to come.  We can set up a free consultation with you
to discuss story details, logistics and different options available.

Tell us your story and we’ll make a movie of it!

Everyone has at least one good story that they love to tell.  Imagine yours as a great little movie!